Eczema, the skin condition that can make life a real itch. Treat it with Tallow!

How to Beat Eczema with a Natural Tallow-Based Skincare Cream coming Feb 2023

Eczema, oh eczema, the bane of our existence! This pesky little skin condition can make life a real itch. 

 What is eczema exactly? Well, it's a chronic skin condition that causes dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. The causes of eczema are like a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but it's probably a combination of genetics and the environment. Triggers can be anything from stress to certain foods to exposure to irritants or allergens. 


But, don't let eczema get you down! With the right treatment and a positive attitude, you can turn that itch into a glitch! 

Tallow to the rescue: beating eczema one spread at a time

Tallow, a rendered form of beef fat, is rich in fats that are similar to those found in human skin, making it an effective moisturizer. This means it can help to soothe dry, itchy, and inflamed skin associated with eczema. 


The cream also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can help to reduce redness and itching. 


Additionally, tallow is easily absorbed by the skin and does not clog pores, making it a great alternative for people with eczema who may be sensitive to other moisturizing products. 


With regular use, it can help to improve the overall appearance and feel of eczema-prone skin.

Birch and Oak’s eczema cream

Birch and Oak's eczema cream is not your average tallow-based cream. 


Our team at Birch and Oak have taken the power of tallow and kicked it up a notch by infusing it with a blend of all-natural ingredients that work together to combat eczema. We've added beeswax to provide a barrier for the skin, calendula and marshmallow root to soothe and hydrate, chamomile to reduce redness, and stinging nettle to provide topical pain-relieving properties.


Calendula: This little yellow flower helps heal wounds by encouraging cell repair. It also has powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, helping keep infections in check.

Chamomile: Gentle but mighty, this soothing flower has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin, relieve itching and treat rashes this little flower helps treat eczema by penetrating to deeper layers of the skin with all of its medicinal wonder.

Marshmallow Root: Marshmallow root is more than 11% mucilage making it a popular remedy for soothing inflamed, irritated skin and leaving restoring moisture to the skin. Keeping areas of skin effected by eczema moisturized is a key component in keeping the rash at bay.   

Stinging Nettle: Because stinging nettle has both antihistamine and anti-inflammatory qualities, it can be an effective natural treatment and pain reliever for eczema


This powerful combination of ingredients creates a skincare cream that not only moisturizes the skin, but also addresses the known causes of eczema. 


And let's not forget the best part, it's all natural, so you can say goodbye to harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. 


So, if you're tired of dealing with dry, itchy, and inflamed skin, give Birch and Oak Eczema Cream a try. It's like a superhero team for your skin, ready to fight eczema and leave you with a smooth and healthy complexion.


About the AuthorRoxanne Smith is the owner of Birch and Oak, a boutique specializing in natural skincare in Jtown, KY. With years of experience as a farmhand, tallow maker, and soap expert, Roxanne brings a wealth of knowledge of natural ingredients and their benefits. Her passion for creating high-quality skincare products has established Birch and Oak as a trusted source for those seeking natural skincare in Jtown, KY.

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